Voices Rising QTPOC Artists

Our Mission

The mission of Voices Rising is to create a safe and nurturing community for LGBTQ artists of color and in so doing empower them to strengthen the whole LGBTQ POC community as they raise awareness of the community and its issues within the entire LGBTQ community and beyond to the majority community/society.

Storme Webber - Voices Rising Founder and Organizer

Voices Rising exists to showcase and nurture LGBTQ people of color in arts and culture. This group was founded in July 2007 by Storme Webber when she organized and presented an all-day mini-festival at Richard Hugo House. Since that time, VR has produced three more successful shows featuring 20 artists. As a Black, Native, working cla

ss lesbian with 30 years of experience in international cultural productions, Storme is exceptionally qualified to lead VR to success. She is also a Richard Hugo House writer-in-residence; a City Artist for 2008, and a Jack Straw Writers Program Fellow for 2009.

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